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  2. cornholio7

    no more updates?

    again, what doesn't work? what do you think needs improving? imgburn is pretty much a complete programme, if there was a flaw, it would be fixed
  3. cornholio7

    no more updates?

    what ISN'T working for you?
  4. cornholio7

    Where is the Advanced-> Bootable Disc tab?

    does this help?
  5. http://www.dvdflick.net/ can convert for free, properly, then Imgburn can burn it for you
  6. you just copy and paste to another hard disk. if you want to copy the files on that iso , try mounting the iso with virtual clone drive http://www.slysoft.com/en/virtual-clonedrive.html
  7. cornholio7

    Burnt DVD wont play on DVD or Bluray Player

    you should verify your burns, the errors may show in the log
  8. cornholio7

    copy multiple DVDs to a Blu-ray disk

    no, imgburn won't do this. i don't know of a software that would do what you want
  9. cornholio7

    Delete Log and Graph Data Files?

    yes it is safe to delete them
  10. cornholio7

    burning 2 discs at once on the same pc

    you will need 2 dvd drives and 1 set of dvd files on each hdd just open 2 instances of imgburn.
  11. whatever programme you used to convert the avi, go into it's settings and find where it has choice of region and choose region free. you also need to choose pal/ntsc that is appropriate for your region.
  12. cornholio7

    There's no opting out!

    you just click custom installation and leave the ticks out of the 'install search' and 'i allow' checkboxes it's not that difficult this type of installer is popping up on most types of freeware, get used to it no need to be obnoxious
  13. cornholio7

    locked files

    does your customer have a programme that reads .NEF ? i have had no problem burning and reading .CR2 but don't have a Nikon to try out .NEF files
  14. cornholio7

    Many thanks for great directions ...

    welcome to the forum looks like your E drive is a cd burner that can read dvd's as well your F drive is a dvd burner (which can also burn cd's) you can use cd or cd-rw, it's up to you
  15. cornholio7

    UK to legalize CD/DVD/Blu-Ray copying of discs you own?

    if this were true , it would open an argument for an old friend to get rejuvinated (dd) *cough*
  16. cornholio7

    Thumb drive

    if you have an iso file , transfer it to your thumb drive using explorer
  17. cornholio7

    USB 3 speeds?

  18. cornholio7

    USB 3 speeds?

    yep, same thing but 3x the price
  19. cornholio7

    USB 3 speeds?

    looks like you will have to look in your case and see which available power plug you have and then choose a card from f.ex. those linked to on new egg, or get a molex to sata / sata to molex adapter cable, either way it's max 10 mins and that will be up and running http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA2C50V95534, wouldn't this work?
  20. cornholio7

    USB 3 speeds?

    the pcie to usb3 will work as the drivers will be supported by win7/8, i'm not sure the drivers for your dexdrive will even if you can find an adapter. normally there are more than one pcie1 slots on mobo's? unless yours is micro atx
  21. cornholio7

    USB 3 speeds?

  22. cornholio7

    Lightscribe being phased out?

    you print on the disc itself, not on a label, so it won't peel off
  23. cornholio7

    CD Labels

    you can't. try this http://www.nchsoftware.com/cdlabeler/index.html?gclid=CNr_ta_2xrsCFYmN3godX14AMw
  24. cornholio7


    let's take java as an example. it offers ask toolbar bundled with the installer that was bundled with the last version of imgburn and everyone moaned about that too, because there is a support forum where you can complain about a free product. there is an opt out from the bundled software in the current version, if you click custom on the install, you can choose not to install the bundled software. whether you want the adware in the installer or not, isn't really anyones call than Lightning_UK's, as it is his, and i would assume he has to get some form of revenue to keep the forum alive and buy drives and media for testing. it all costs money, and at the end of the day, imgburn isn't his day job.

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