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    First DL burn

    Found them on newegg. Direct: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817130997 *edit* Looks like buy.com has them for the best price in the US. http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=...d=0&dcaid=15890
  2. parboy

    First DL burn

    Sorry, no copy of the log. I'll save it next time. I guess I'll go buy some verbatim's and hope that takes care of it. I just wish the inkjet printable one's weren't so expensive!
  3. parboy

    First DL burn

    I ripped it to the HD with dvdd in ISO read mode. I then burned at 2.4x speed with Imgburn by selecting the .mds file. All settings left alone on imgburn except for changing booktype to dvd-rom. I left the default layer change setting as well, which I believe was to place it in the optimal spot, or something along those lines. Thanks again!
  4. parboy

    First DL burn

    Just tried my first DL burn and have a quick question. Im using a liteon 1693s drive and ritek media. I purchased the media before reading about how terrible it was, so don't flame me too hard I promise to buy verbatim from now on though Anyway, I burned my backup using imgburn on all default settings. I did change the booktype to dvd-rom. The movie burned fine with no errors reported in the log. I viewed the movie on my home theater player, a zenith dvb318, and everything was great...untill the layer switch. Im assuming it was the layer switch anyway. It paused 3 times for about 10 seconds the first time, then maybe 5 seconds for the other 2, then played on just fine after that. Im just wondering if this is a problem I can fix with a setting or if it's just a result of the crap media? Thanks in advance for any help guys!

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