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    UDF volume label information

    Ahh I see. I was imagining a imgburn.exe /chglabel_udf "my new label here" /src "c:\myiso.iso" type setup, but I see your point about accepting simple switches versus performing actual actions. Oh well, was worth a shot. Guess you can always add it somewhere on your list of things to do when terribly bored. Thanks again, -Blake
  2. blake7984

    UDF volume label information

    Well, after a few hours of staring at these specs and finding where all of these descriptors and tags are at in a couple headers, I believe I've decided its not time effective for me to make this application. Though I believe I could create a working product, I probably wouldn't trust the application to not corrupt the ISO since there are so many factors to take into consideration (even simple things like NSR02 vs NSR03). So I've pretty much decided to do things the manual way with ImgBurn. However, as a last request/suggestion, it would be nice if you would consider adding in a command line method of changing the ISO and UDF labels in a future version. Though this is obviously not very useful to most people, it could sure help a few of us out a lot . The main reason I would request this is just because you've put so much power in the command line interface already, that it seems like a fairly useful addition. Thanks for all the help though, I still may look into this some more, and I will most likely make a bulk label viewer to go through and check all my exisiting ISOs for correct name format. I definitely learned much more about the UDF format than I ever planned to. -Blake
  3. blake7984

    UDF volume label information

    I didn't realize the UDF label locations weren't fixed since the ISO label is at a fixed location, and out of the two separate ISO files I compared, they shared the same locations for 6 of the 7 label locations. I suppose I will have to parse through it as you said though. A good bit more complicated than I originally expected and hoped, but I will see what happens. You gave me some good information to get started with, though I'll probably be back sometime soon with questions. Thanks for all the help, -Blake
  4. blake7984

    UDF volume label information

    Yea I had been looking over those same spec files some before you mentioned them, but I never was able to get anywhere with them. Knowing that 'logical volume descriptor' is the field I'm looking for helps, but I'm still not able to get these CRC calculations correct. I'm using the same CRC calculation as before from the udf102 document on page 81 section "6.5 CRC Calculation", is this the right way to calculate it? I have a test string I'm trying it on which fills the full 126 characters, and I tried doing the calculation on that string both with and without the ending character which shows length (127 in this case). My CRC never seems to match (what I'm guessing is) the CRC generated by ImgBurn. I've found a total of 5 locations where the entire 126 character label is written out in the header, the main 2 I'm looking at and working with right now are at byte 67702 and 71766. For those two locations, I'm guessing the CRC is at bytes 67593 and 71689 respectively and is 2 bytes long each? I wasn't able to figure out proper locations for the descriptor based on the spec files, I suppose I'm looking in the wrong spots. Sorry for all the annoying questions, but any help is greatly appreciated. I'll continue working to see what I can figure out until hopefully getting a little more feedback. Thanks, -Blake
  5. blake7984

    UDF volume label information

    Well, my issue is more aimed at having an automated way to fix the volume labels for hundreds of pre-existing ISO images and to more quickly (and more automatically) label future ones. As I said earlier, if ImgBurn added a command line option for renaming this would work for me, but I need a method that doesn't require mouse clicks and such. I would also be open to any other command line based utility that could do this, but so far I have found none. -Blake
  6. blake7984

    UDF volume label information

    This question is mainly directed to lightning, but help from anyone would certainly be welcome. I need to be able to bulk modify the ISO and UDF volume labels on saved ISO files. Modifying the ISO label is not a problem, but the UDF one is more difficult. Through some research I've found the ISO label begins at byte 32809 and is 32 bytes long with no checksum bytes. I've found the UDF label stored at 7 different byte locations in the ISO, such as bytes 65562, 67702, 71766 and a few more (including 1 location that varies). My main issue is that there seem to be checksum bytes associated with each of these label locations, which I have found patterns for, but cannot figure out how they are calculated still. If anyone would be willing to discuss with me in more detail how to edit the labels in the file please let me know. My main request here is that someone can either help me figure out how the UDF label can be edited, or if ImgBurn could (soon preferably) perhaps include command line support for volume renaming. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Blake

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