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  1. Plex Zoom

    Portable ImgBurn

    niiiiiice. thanks! I've been carrying ONES, but I'd rather use your product. cheers
  2. Plex Zoom

    overburn -only- verify

    I'd like an option to only verify the information burned "in the area" of the overburn. Generally I hold overburning right up there with overclocking or AMD, but aside from being amusing this might help find the max little bit that can be squeezed onto those movie copies. Lost video data is not as bad as lost RAR data. It's my understanding there's a 'wide' variation on the amount of overage area writable per brand, or even batch, but this could make overburning a little less useless
  3. Plex Zoom

    DVD+R Reserve Track?

    Plextor is not among these such weird drives, right?

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