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  1. I am sorry I didn't mean to break any rulz, I spent several hours last night on google and got more and more confused as the night went on. I won't make that mistake again.. Sorry.
  2. I am just getting started in backing my DVD's on my HTPC so I can watch them thru my WMC on Vista 64 but i am having a lot of problems. Mainly there is so much info. on ripping out there it is confusing the hell outa me. Here is what I am trying to do, if anyone could point me in the right direction I would GREATLY appreciate it! Kids have about 20 DVD's I would like to just burn to my HD so I don't have to keep loading the dvd's up all the time. If there is a way to just copy the main movie that would be great, I hate having to stand there and forwarding thru 15min of trailers. I just want to be able to pull them up on my WMC. If there is a way to compact them or something that would be cool too. That really about it, I might throw one of my movies on there that I watch alot but not likely as I hae a nice blue-ray player. I have Vista Ultimate 64 as an O.S. with 2 terebytes of storage if that helps. All the stuff I have been reading (decrypters, shrinkers, rippers, yady, yady, yady) is just confusing the hell outa me! H E L P!!! LOL Viro

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