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    Pioneer 111D I/O error at 51%

    Bought another batch of Aone disks which i have been using for ages..sorted out my problem.. stumbled a bit at 51% and i thought here we go again but then to my surprise and happiness the aone disk pulled on all its strength and continued onto 52% and eventually finished! So basically it was a duff spindle of infiniti 360 disks..which are obviously very well marketed at 360 gamers even though they are pants.. Thanks for all the help and comments
  2. wopnet

    Pioneer 111D I/O error at 51%

    Thanks for the reply..i have ordered some new disks to try..I have been using Aone disks for a while and when i burn at 2x there normally fine..if i keep getting the same error with the new disks when they arrive what do i do next?? is it a drive problem??
  3. Hi, i have a pioneer 111D and have never had any probs burning dual layer disks before. I usually use AONE disks which work okay apart from the occasional coaster. i recently bought a pack of infiniti 360 dual layer disks and tried to burn a 360 game but it wont go past 51%. Ive wasted about 5 disks. I cleaned the drive with a disk clean and it still stopped at 51%. It keeps coming up with i/o error! check condition invalid address for write etc etc I'm confused as i have never had this prob before..Is my drive on its way out??

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