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    I don't want to start a Plextor bash. I just had a bad experience with one of their drives. I'm sure it happens. I do believe I had a year warranty. What ever it was I checked and it had expired. I had a dead drive in my puter for awhile and used an external Sony. I just wanted a dual layer burner. The drive I bought was under the Sony name but was actually a Optiarc. Go figure. I only bought the cheap media to check out the new burner so it wouldn't cost me a bundle to burn coasters. Which I did do the first burn with Nero. The NX2 were made in Hong Kong. They appear to work fine but I really don't expect to purchase them again. I plan on purchasing Verbatim. Any suggestions? What the heck happened to Ritek? I used their media for years without a problem but now I've read that they are no good.
  2. Chef

    A big thanks

    I just bought an Optiarc AD-5170 A. I just threw away a Plexstar 716A. The Plexstar lasted only about a year and a half with minimal use. What a POS. I bought it thinking it was a great drive. Oh well. I bought some cheap NX2 dual layer media from Circuit City today to try out my new burner. I bought the DVD "Cars" and wanted to copy it for my wifes grandkids. I used DVDFAB to rip and Nero Recode to burn. I chose Recode intire DVD to DVD, imported ripped files and changed to DVD-9. Burned the movie. I lost the main menu that had all the extras I was trying to get for the kids. The movie played but with no main menu. I used to use ImgBurn to make ISO files to attach to Daemon to run DVD2ONE. I only did this because DVDDecrypter had to die and I couldn't rip ISO images directly from the media. To make a long story short I remembered this software and that I could create ISO images so I downloaded it and followed the great guides on this forum and burnt a great disc with all the goodies. The kids are happy and so am I. Thanks Chef

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