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    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    Bit disapointed with the cyberwoman episode, it didnt seem to go anywhere apart from up and down stairs. John Barrowman was on Jonathon Ross last night and he was very funny, maybe they should inject a little of his humour into Torchwood. Here you go db:
  2. jack

    Storm on Saturn

    With chewbacca in front of it, swinging the leg bone of some dead animal around his head!! =))
  3. jack

    Storm on Saturn

    An example of a von Neumann machine at work, it wont be long before we have a new sun!!
  4. jack

    Motorola Software Update Failure

    Have you had a look Here ? Or you might try this. Never had to do it myself but it might be worth a go. I'm still using the worlds oldest Nokia 6310, so I dont have any of these problems.
  5. jack


    Fair does db, thats the funniest thing I have seen for ages! I'm so glad I have never let you anywhere near my computer!
  6. jack

    Other Opera users, test something for me, please?

    I've never heard of TV.com before so i'm not much help i'm afraid. I will check the site out and try and get back to you.
  7. jack

    Crikey ! - Steve Irwin Dead ?

    Er, yeah. That is the best way to remove an arrow. Dont ask how I know, lets just say my dad is a shit shot with a bow and arrow. I dont think my brother has forgiven him yet!!! "Bloody kids!! Why didnt he stand still instead of running around all the time!!!"
  8. jack

    Internet Explorer 7 is apparently "out"

    Ajax? I think you should do youre own cleaning, never mind asking your web browser to do it!!
  9. jack

    The Top Ten Overall Posters

    Oh bugger! I'm getting as bad as LFC!! Ah well could be worse I suppose!!
  10. jack

    Internet Explorer 7 is apparently "out"

    You know there was always something that made me think it was gay, I just never thought it would come out of the closet so soon. I'm sticking to Opera, best by far.
  11. jack

    What do the abbrev. mean on the forums?

    Well my favourite is LFC, it means "Who pinched my hubcaps???" And Blutach which means "Send the ruffian to the colonies for the rest of his natural life!!" (It's a good job they both know i'm only joking! )
  12. jack

    Happy birthday, you old fart!

    Happy Birthday mate! Have a good one and not too much cola, you know it makes you hyper!!
  13. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    Was that a regeneration? I thought he just pinched Tremas' body and moved his "Spirit" into it. His plan was to use the power of the keeper to merge with the Doctors body, but when that didnt work he just grabbed the nearest availble one. Maybe the twelve regenerations limit was something imposed by the Time Lords, now there arent here anymore the Doctor can go merrily on his way regenarating with nobody to stop him Now, I have it in my head that during the Deadly Assasin someone refers to Sheboogans which is the lowest class of Gallifreyan, but they arent time lords. This makes me think that the ordinary people can be "promoted" to Time Lord status and thus become able to regenerate. The Sheboogans are the lowest of the low, criminals and hooligans so they wouldnt be able to acheieve higher status but maybe others would. Ha! Found it! I knew i'd read this somewhere Time Lord Politics. Mind you, could all be complete bollocks!!
  14. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    The age thing is an oddity, in Tomb of the Cybermen the Dr states that he is 400 years old or something like that and the current Dr has stated his age to be around 900 years old. Not 100% sure of these figures but they are roughly right, but when you have a long hard look at the length of time companions stayed with the Dr and the way they have overlapped with each other you can say that the Dr must have done a hell of a lot of years in the rare occasions he has travvelled on his own. He could have gained a few years during the Pertwee era by sneaking off while Jo and the unit gang were asleep and staying away for a few years and then returning the next morning, if you get what I mean. Obviously, we have no idea how many years the Eccleston or McGann Dr's travelled on their own for, so that could account for a few years there. In the Five Doctors the time lords offer the master a whole new regenration cycle in return for his help, so this suggests that regenration is something that is bestowed on a Time Lord rather than something that is natural to them. I read somewhere that the Time Lords are chosen from the ordinary Gallifrey population and when they graduate from the academy they are given a Tardis and a regenration cycle, but i'm damned if I can remember where I read this or wether it was official or not. Please feel free to contradict me as I really arent sure of my facts here.
  15. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    And theres me thinking you were looking into the future!! I was going to ask you how long it will be untill Billie Piper agrees to marry me!! =))
  16. jack

    Torchwood - Doctor Who spin-off

    Crikey Db, I reckon you are a case for Torchwood to investigate!! I'm really looking forward to it, Robin Hood thats been on in Dr Who's slot on a saturday night has been crap so i've really been missing the Doctor.
  17. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    Weird! the Sontaran experiment is out tomorrow! //www.bbcshop.com
  18. jack

    US Sci-Fi Channel to air new Doctor Who

    I got the Horror of Fang Rock in the post this week, missed that one when it was aired first time round and had only ever read the paperback. I loved it! The Rutan was a great creature. Now am I right in thinking that was the only story that featured the Rutans? I know they were mentioned by the Sontarans on more than one occasion but I cant remember them ever appearing again.
  19. jack

    White and Nerdy...

    I've had the album for a few days or so, some really funny stuff on it!
  20. jack

    Panasonic 'Taiyo Yuden Dye' 16x speed DVD-R

    The latest shamble with this bunch of clowns is over six quids worth of ink cartridges! The postage cost nearly as much as the cartridges but I was desparate to finish a college project, I wont be using them again thats for sure. I've ordered some of the 16x from svp so I will see how they go. Although I wont be home this weekend, so it will be midweek before I try them.
  21. jack

    Panasonic 'Taiyo Yuden Dye' 16x speed DVD-R

    Ah, I was tempted for a minute to buy some myself. But not if it involves ukdvdr! I have never had one parcel delivered on time from them and it is all down to the crap couriers they use. I have even offered to pay extra so that they will send stuff by parcel force and they just dont want to know. I live right out in the middle of the country and i'm at work all day and they use a courier whose depot is 40 miles away and that wont leave a parcel without a signature. Parcel Force have a depot a mile away and the thick shits at ukdvdr dont understand why I want to use parcel force! Crap company, crap service in my opinion. Cheap though. By the way I have been using the Panasonic 8x for quite a while and they are pretty good so I might just get some of the 16x if SVP have them, at least I can get the parcels to my house from them!
  22. jack

    ImgBurn v2.1.0.0 Released!

    Nice one! Thanks LUK
  23. jack

    Crikey ! - Steve Irwin Dead ?

    I was never a fan to be honest, I have kept a few snakes and lizards in the past and I never liked the way he handled them or turned them into some kind of circus act. But saying that it is a terrible shame as he had done a lot of very good work raising awareness of the plight of some of the less cuddly animals that are hunted near to extinction at times. Seems like he just forgot the golden rule that any wild animal, whatever species, size, or shape is still a wild animal and will defend itself in any way it can if aggrevated and annoyed in the way Irwin seemed to do at times. Hopefully all the good work he has done can be carried on by the rest of his team without the need to dangle small children over crocodile cages.
  24. jack

    Lego Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy

    I know most people have probably seen it before, but I love this Lego version of Star Wars: to watch or download it here:Click here Theres a shed load of lego star wars at youtube: Click here.
  25. jack

    Where is everyone ?

    2.43 pm here, just finished Sunday Lunch after watching our under 13 cricket team play a match this morning. They Lost

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