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    Burning from external HDD - good or bad?

    Thanks, I always burn at 4x just to be safe, so I didn't think it would be a problem - I just wanted to get a second opinion to make sure. Roy
  2. I recently added a WD external firewire 400 gb, 16mb cache hard drive to my pc to store .iso files , dvd images ripped in file mode, etc. that were clogging my internal drives, since I don't always have the time to burn a disc directly after ripping it, and sometimes hold on to them for awhile so I can tweak them (remove extraneous material, etc.) My pc is moderatly fast - P4 630 ht 3ghz, 2gb ram - and has 2 internal sata drives - Imageburn is on my boot drive (1) and I've burned images from drive 2 (configured as a storage drive) many times with no problems. I'm not sure about burning an image from the external drive though, since it's noticeably slower when tranferring files (mostly write speed, read speed is fairly fast). As for burning, is it safe to burn a dvd from an image stored on an external drive, or should I copy it back to one of my internal drives before burning? The reason I'm asking is that I remember once reading that you shouldn't burn an image from an external drive, but that was a couple years ago when external drives were just usb (and probably before usb 2.0 became the norm), and external firewire drives were a rarity. I don't think speed will be a problem, my main concern is that doing it this way would be more prone to errors or produce a less reliable burn. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated. Roy
  3. Thanks for the help, I'm going to try and burn all the DL images clogging my drives this weekend, and since I don't have time to watch them all to check for errors, I'll rest a lot easier since I can't afford a stack of Expensive DL discs that will be useless because of some option I forgot to set. Most especially, thanks for this fantastic program, I couldn't live without it. I've always wondered why the best programs are always free, and what motivates someone to create them, take the time to make them better and better and then give them away for free. Out of all the programs out there the free ones are usually the ones that are worth paying for. I, for one, am very grateful for your work, I can't thank you enough, Roy Edit: I just noticed the donate button on the IMGBURN main page. I'm disabled and on a fixed income, but I'll be donating after the first of the month - I can't spare much, maybe $20 or a little more, but I guess it's better than nothing.
  4. Hi everyone, I installed the new version of Imgburn About a week ago and have only burned a few discs (all single layer from .iso files) since I've been pretty busy lately. They all seem to have burned fine. I haven't watched them all the way through yet, but they verify fine and show no errors when run through Nero CD/DVD and DvdInfoPro, and I flipped through the chapters and Fast Forwarded thourgh a few of them and they seem to have burned with no problems. I left all the settings at default, as I did with the previous version. However, this version has a lot more settings and I'm wondering there is anything I should change before I really start burning a lot of discs. Specifically DVD+R DL discs - I haven't burned one of these with the newest version yet - do I burn these with the default settings just as before? (With the old version I would just load the image, change the book type for my LG drive and burn - no problems at all) I haven't tried to burn VIDEO_TS images yet - I've always used Nero for that. But I will Probably try Imgburn for some dual layer discs I have that were ripped in file mode using the guide available on this site. Basically, I'm just wondering if there are any settings in the new version I should be concerned with or change before I start mass burning, or if I should just leave everything at the default settings as before. Thanks for any help, Roy
  5. godbeer

    New to ImgBurn - just a couple of questions.

    Thanks guys - just the reassurance I needed before I started heavy burning - I didn't want to end up burning a whole spindle of discs and then discover that something was set wrong. Jmet: Thanks for the ImgBurn/Shrink guide. I had something similar mapped out in my head - I was going to delete Decrypter, then install ImgBurn in the empty Decrypter folder, change the filename, links, etc. Then re-install decrypter somewhere else on my hard drive. Your way was simpler. Thanks Again, Roy
  6. Hi everyone, I downloaded and installed ImgBurn yesterday (until now I've always used DvdDecrypter). I've burned 2 test discs (.msd/.iso images ripped with DvdDecrypter) using the default settings. The discs burned/verified with no problem, a Nero cd-dvd file/surface scan and a DvdInfoPro scan showed no errors, and the discs played perfectly on all my players. So, everything seems great, I just have a couple of questions, mostly about settings. I just want to make sure everything is set correctly before I start burning large amounts of discs. Should I leave the settings at default, or is there anything I should change? Really there are only 2 settings I'm unsure about: 1.) In the settings/write tab, the default "write type" is DAO - in Decrypter this setting is SAO - what's the difference, and does it have any impact on writing/playback or anything else? 2.) In the settings - I/O tab tab "STPI - use 'cd-rom class" is checked by default. what does this do - should I just leave it checked? I haven't messed with it because I don't know what it is - like I said, until now I've just used the default settings. Aside from those two settings, is there anything I should change (mostly I'm just doing .iso backups ripped with decrypter, or .iso images created with dvdshrink) As for Dual-Layer discs, I've always used decrypter to burn these and never had a problem - I've noticed several postings here where people are having problems burning DL with ImgBurn. Should I stick to Decrypter for DL burning or does ImgBurn work the same way/just as well? Also, is there any way to set ImgBurn as the default burner in DvdShrink? One last thing, just out of curiosity - other than the fact that Decrypter is no longer being updated, are there any advantages in using ImgBurn instead of Decrypter to burn? Thanks for any help/comments, etc. Roy

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