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  1. Thanks for the quick responses. This is great news. What effect does the seamless choice have when I burn to DL discs? (Let me guess, there is less likely hood of a pause?)
  2. Yes, I know there is no layer break in single layer DVDs. I am reducing a dual layer disc to fit onto a single layer disc.
  3. First, I wanted to say this is a great piece of software. I've done some searching of the forums and read the guides, but I didn't see a reference to what I was looking for. I successfully created a single-layer copy of a disc and it plays, but do have a question. I noticed in the Settings, under the General Tab, a check box for "Seamless" under the "Layer Break" heading. If I check this box, is the layer break removed? If I leave it unchecked, and I have used DVD Shrink to remove the layer break, does Imgburn put a break in there(this is for a single-layer disc)?

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