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    i need help burning a dvd

    ok, here goes. i am new to all of this and learning as i go. i have downloaded some movies thru azureus. now when i try to burn them to a dvd, i cant bring it up. when i browse for file i get to my azureus downloads (my movies). when i click on one of them it brings it to the look in section, but nothing comes underneath for me to burn. ex: dragon.wars.2007.DvDRip.Eng-FxM is the movie, but it is only in the look in section. it appears there is nothing to open. i can watch the movies on media player with no problem, so i know the movie is there. does this make sense to anyone? can you please help me put this on a dvd? i have been trying forever(days) and just can't figure this out. thx, kat

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