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    I have no idea what I'm doing

    Ok - I try to play them in my laptop but they freeze up on me. And you're saying if they're going to freeze while playing in my laptap, I'm not going to be able to copy them because they're not playing properly correct? Are you also saying that the DVD's will read differently in different devices. Like it may read poorly in my laptop but could play perfectly well in a DVD player. And are there different qualities of DVD's players where they would play better than others? Is there something I can do to the DVD's to make them play better, clean them, etc. I can't reburn the tapes again because I taped over them once my Dad got them onto DVD's. Sorry for all the questions, but I really want to get a perfect understanding of what I am doing. I really have no idea what to do here. But if someone just walked me through the process one time, I would get it right away. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Ellie

    I have no idea what I'm doing

    Okay here it is: SONY DVD+-RW DW-D56A PDS7 (ATA) Current Profile: DVD-R Disc Information: Status: Complete Erasable: No Sessions: 1 Sectors: 2,052,496 Size: 4,203,511,808 bytes Time: 456:08:46 (MM:SS:FF) TOC Information: Session 1... -> Track 01 (Mode 1, LBA: 0 - 1519) -> LeadOut (LBA: 2052496) Pre-recorded Information: Manufacturer ID: LD Recording Management Area Information: MATSHITA DVD-RAM DMR-E30 C0087532 A109 11/20/02 Physical Format Information (Last Recorded): Book Type: DVD-R Part Version: 5 Disc Size: 120mm Maximum Read Rate: Not Specified Number of Layers: 1 Track Path: Parallel Track Path (PTP) Linear Density: 0.267 um/bit Track Density: 0.74 um/track First Physical Sector of Data Area: 196,608 Last Physical Sector of Data Area: 2,249,103 Last Physical Sector in Layer 0: 0
  3. Ellie

    I have no idea what I'm doing

    That does not help me. I need STEP BY STEP instructions. Thanks. I'm not a pro in here like the rest of you.
  4. Okay - I'm trying to copy a DVD to my hard drive. Let me know if this makes sense. My Dad burned all of my family VHS home videos onto DVD's. I now want to copy them onto my hard drive. How do I do this? The reason I want to do this is because every time I try to play the movies from the DVD on my DVD player or my computer, the movies freeze constantly. Also, I'm not able to move from one menu title to another on the DVD because that also freezes. I'm wondering if this is because the DVD is poor quality. So, the reason I want to copy it onto my hard drive is because I want to reburn it onto a high quality disc. Does this make any sense. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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