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    I did notice that it was from the same company and that does make me wonder why it isn't recognizing my drive like this one does. I can't figure out why it is having trouble recognizing the drive but I'll check again now that I've loaded ImgBurn, maybe I was just missing a needed file or something. I only have the Roxio on this system because it was the first program I could find that would recognize my drive and included a disk copy option but your right, it sucks the big one but it came with another burner I have so at least I didn't pay for it. BTW, love the avitar, looks like a girl I know except that she isn't quite that big.
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    I'm just curious about this and have no expertise so shoot me down if I'm just being stupid, I won't mind. Will a palyer that only has single layer support play a dual layer that only uses one layer? If it would then that could explain why the disk that just used a single layer worked and the dual layer disk didn't. Like I said, it may be that I'm just being stupid here but at least if someone answers I'll know for sure.
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    Thanks for the info. Now, does anyone know for sure about that multisession disk thing? This will still burn the iso even though Roxio thinks it's a multisession won't it? I'm actually installing the software at this point so I may find out before anyone answers but if you do answer first at least I would know weather or not to try it. If it doesn't burn I have no clue what I'll do, the only copy I have of this series of videos in on my computer and I really want to make a copy for my nephew. It's a little anime spoof thingy that I made for him so he's not going to be able to get it anywhere else since he doesn't have internet at the moment. HIGH FIVE FOR THE IMGBURN TEAM! It's running now and giving me no issues, thanks for the help folks. Maybe now I can burn all of those videos from my nieces birthday too. Wow! it's even running my burner full speed, Roxio always slows it down to 5x for some reason.
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    Whats a DL?

    I think someone should give you at least a little more on the specifics here. I'm really new to this but I do know when I was looking at drives everyone told me to make sure to find out if a drive will support the dual layer DVDs. It's all just academic if you have an older drive without that support. My drive is one that was given to me before I had made a decision about what to buy so I ended up with an older model that will not play or burn dual layer, it kind of sucks but I guess that free is free.
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    I have a question for you that may actually be related to this in some way (I'm kind of new to DVD burning). I have an iso file that was created with DVD flick but DVD flick doesn't recognize my drive so I can't use it to do a direct burn (hence just the iso) When I tried to burn it over by mounting it with Deamon Tools and use the Roxio6 disk copier it said that it is a multi session disk and it can't copy it. If I use your program is it going to have the same issue or will it actually burn the iso for me and will it recognize my Benq DVD DD EW162I USB burner?

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