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  1. Hi, I have a few questions about ripping speeds or the Read Write speed. I noticed that when I rip DVDs to .ISO files they sometimes start slow and then eventually work their way up to a faster rate. Some DVDs start at a Read Rate: 5.5 K/bps (3.5x) and then get up to 12 or more 1/2 through the rip. Then other DVDs start off faster Read Rate: 12 K/bps (3.5x) and go up to 24 K/bps Why is this? Does the CPU/Ram/Hard Drive Speed play any part in the ripping speeds? When I open task manager while ripping I notice that the CPU is only around 5% and Ram doesn't seem to change much. What does the (3.5x) mean in the read rate? i.e. Read Rate: 12.5 K/bps (3.5x) Does this mean the DVD is ripping 3.5x times faster than real time? Thanks in advance! Ruben

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