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An article on Wikipedia about ImgBurn

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I was reading this article on Wikipedia. I have a question about the Limitations part: are they entirely correct?




Does not support RAW disk ripping or burning

Does not support multi-session discs

Cannot read or write CD subchannel data

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Yes and No.


How do they define 'RAW' disc ripping?


RAW to me would be reading/writing 2448 bytes per sector... but that's just the normal 2352 bytes + subchannel data - which of course is covered in their third statement.


It's correct to say ImgBurn doesn't support the RAW write type (it only supports TAO/Incremental/SAO/DAO) and therefore doesn't support RAW burning.


ImgBurn can't 'Build' multi-session discs (i.e. add to a disc that already has data on it) but it can read/burn mutli-session CD's/images (from CUE or CCD files).


Subchannel is only used on CD's and even then it's only on CD+G and protected discs - neither of which I care about.

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