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Can I make an DVD playable...

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Hello, all you young Smarties!


I've downloaded a Tai Chi video that I'd like to use on my DVD player...the one connected to the TV in the living room.


It's in avi format and I don't how to or if I can make it work so I can watch it in my living room and do the exercises.


I tried once and, I think, I made a data disc...not exactly sure what that means. Anyway, when I tried to play it I got an error message that said it was unplayable on the player.


I then thought that maybe it hadn't been finalized like an audio CD? But, I couldn't find anything in ImageBurn that would perform a similar function.


I then went to the help files and now to the forums and don't understand what went wrong.


I don't understand single layer and double layer (or if that's even an issue) and I didn't find an explanation here...only the explanations of how to burn one or the other but not what they mean.


So, can I "burn" a disc that's playable on a DVD player (it's a Sony) from avi files that's connected to my TV?


The discs I'm using Verbatim DVD+R's.


I'm old, very old, but I'm not stupid. I was born in 1924. I did look through the help information but I didn't find anything that made sense to me. I'd appreciate your help and I thank you for your help!

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1924! wOw!!! :thumbup:


most set top DVD players need the DVD to be in the proper format which would have a VIDEO_TS folder and also (maybe)a AUDIO_TS folder, and .VOB and .VTS files in it.


If you google DVDFLICK, you can download that free program and convert your AVI file to the DVD format, and then burn it with Imgburn, or it may be able to burn directly??


I assume your DVD player read your current disc and gave the error that it was in the wrong format, that is good because it indicates that the type of disc you are using (DVD+R) can be read. Mine will read +R and -R, but my neighbors will only read -R. Anyway, assuming you convert and burn a new disc, that would be something that *could* be an issue, the only other thing is NTSC and PAL formats. NTSC is used in the United States and PAL in Europe. In the DvdFlick settings, glance and be sure you have the correct one set.


Good Luck!

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Thank you, hollywood!


Sometimes my ages surprises me, too! :) Not only did we, obviously, not have a computer in our home when I was a girl, but also, my family couldn't afford a radio until I was about 10 or 11 and that was a used one. Big learining-curve from a tube radio to computers. I don't know a whole lot about computers, but I'm getting along pretty well...with a little help, of course.


I'm following your advice. I wanted to wait to write until I had a good burn, but DVDFlick has been encoding the AVI for the last 5+ hours. I didn't realize it would take quite so long.


Thanks, again!


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