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Keep getting "failed to read sector" on verify

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Hi, The problem I'm having has been mentioned before... But it's not been solved before. I've taken a decten 3 hours & read every single post & comment... Can you please advise as to what the problem may be.


Forget the log...TL:DR


My error is:

Failed to Read Sector 293589 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error


I get a similar error NO MATTER WHAT I'm trying to burn!!


# Imgburn suggested the burn speed to be 10x, 16x, 20x or 24 (my attempts were all at 10x)

# I've tried 47 discs over 3 computers (2 laptops & a desktop) and the error is on all systems

# I appreciate Imgburn is free & you'll try your best to remedy the situation


Your general advice seems to favour "verbatim" CDs & DVDs... They're all the same in look, function & compatibility (that's kind of the point of having universally recognised format. duh)!!!! none-the-less I am using said brand (ie: I am using verbatim brand CD-Rs... What are the chances I'm using the wrong ones eh?! EVEN THOUGH they're all part of a UNIVERSAL f.ing format!!!)


If you can help... that's good customer service

If you can't help...hnag your head in shame: you've managed to create a disc burning software which annoys people... congratulations

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Don't be affraid to bump the speed up, it may get to the end. You can also try Taiyo Yuden CD's. Most of the time is some firmware/drive/media incompatibility.


Chances are that your drives being old and don't know the new media.


Try cleaning the drive lens with a lens cleaning disc (if you have access to one, don't waste your money on it) or manual if you know how.


We need a log to investigate more. You can find old logs via Help menu.

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The only Verbatim CDs I'd ever buy now are the 'Pastel' ones... and that's because they use the Taiyo Yuden dyes.


Other than that, it's Taiyo Yuden all the way.


Oh and thinking all CDs are created equal because they're all called 'CDs' is a little naive.


There are good and bad versions (and a load more inbetween) of everything in this world, CDs are no different.


Failed to Read Sector 293589 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error


Your error means the drive(s) can't read the disc. So either they're all bad readers or the discs haven't been burnt properly in the first place. You could chalk that up to a manufacturing defect in the discs too - faulty spindle or whatever.


Personally, I'd have asked for help after say 5 failures, certainly not 47 failures over 3 drives.


Your issue is hardware related and nothing to do with software. You just have a bad drive/firmware/media combo - they're all that matters in the world of burning.

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