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Drive capabilities - possible bug

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I have 2 SATA burners, both from LG: WH12LS39 and GH22NS30 and while checking for their capabilities informed by ImgBurn, I saw that both can read and write on DVD-RW Dual Layer discs. Only there are 2 problems:


1) in the docs I could find online for the 2 drives, they never mention "able to read and/or write to dual layer rewritable DVD", they only mention single layer rewritable DVD;


2) I can't seem to find any DVD-RW DL or DVD+RW DL online for sale, to purchase and check.


How is that capability determined?

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Because the discs are impossible ot get hold of, the manufacturers don't waste their time advertising the fact the drives can burn to such discs.


The capabilitys are obtained by querying the drive.*


* 'DVD+RW DL' comes from an actual (its own special 'DVD+RW DL') 'feature' descriptor, the 'DVD-RW DL' one just piggy backs on being able to write 'DVD-R DL' for now as no dedicated 'feature' has been added for it. Detection of the 'DVD-RW DL' capability will be improved as and when it becomes possible.

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