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About UDF Volume Label Stops at 32 Characters

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Hi Firends

I'm New & Happy user of ImgBurn


So here is my scenario and issue:


I've few iso images of BD25 Movie Discs,

I edited it's Volume Label Using Tool comes in ImgBurn (It only allow modify UDF as it must do and I've updated Lable under 126 Characters but all are more than 32 Characters)



Then i burned them back to BD-R Media.. (Also tried with Nero too)

New BD-R disc only shows up First 32 Characters on my Windows 7 x64 system!!!


So what is the problem may be???



Extra Question!!>>

Will them play on BD Players without issue? I haven't BD Player! Is there any player software that will exactly emulate BD Player Procedure??



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Windows only ever shows 32 characters. ImgBurn will see the full thing.


PowerDVD and TMT are the two main 'licensed' software BD players. Yes, they might be slightly more forgiving than a standalone but I'm sure they'll be close enough. If in doubt, burn to BD-RE and test it.

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