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(W)right speed? :)

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I am new to Blu-Ray as of today.


I got an LG burner and some Kodak discs with ImgBurn reporting as:


Supported Write Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x


The package says Kodak 4x 25Gb.


Would it be a good idea to try and burn at 6x or 8x?

Would you trust the package label or the speed info returned by ImgBurn?


My first attempt burned perfect (at 4x) and the disc played great video, but somehow I had no audio on my PS3.

I will figure out where the audio problem is, but so far happy I am with my progress!


These Kodak discs appear to be OEM Phillips and locally were a decent price. Is this MID any good, or does anyone have a strong prefference for any decent priced other brand 25Gb.



BTW, on any research I did on blanks, whenever anyone had a problem, the next post was to usually someone to say "try with ImgBurn"! :)


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