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What to do when considering a case without 5.25" bay

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Hey guys,


Long time, no see.

My Sony Optiarc drive stands still strong on my system.

I am not really burning anything anymore, except for a few CDs or DVDs ocasionally.
But I do use the drive to extract audio from my purchased CDs, doing EAC and FLAC, bit perfect rips.


However, I have seen this NZXT chassi, named S340 which blows away the ability to store 5 inchers.

So I've been considering in acquiring this product from Lite On:


An external DVD-RW, USB 2.0.

From one thing I am still confused is why the datasheet/specs requires for a SATA port, since the interface is USB 2.0.


To continue to extract my CDs in the pristine and fast way, should I:

Get a CoolerMaster N300 with the bays and keep on the Optiarc... or

Move to a NZXT and get an external DVD drive?

What implications would it take? What would I lose in terms of audio extraction? Less speed? Less corrected errors ability?

Do you guys ever believe that DVD-RW will eventually go away one day or is this particular case trying a game changer that's insane?

Thank you for opinions!


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