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dvd-rw burn compatibility with standalone dvd/xvid player

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Hello - I'm using Imgburn to burn my avi files on an NEC 3540a, and in general, it's worked well.

The burner itself seems to be dying, some of the disks (dvd-rw's) don't verify properly after the burn.


Using the same media on a different PC/burner (Lite-On LDW-851S ) actually creates cleaner burns.  They verify

properly on the exact same disk that failed in the NEC, and both computers can read the burned disk without issues.


The problem is, these disks burned in the Lite-On do not play on the standalone DVD/DivX player.

The symptom is this, the video file plays for about 2 seconds, the screen turns black, sometimes there's audio

for a few more seconds.  That's it, total fail.


Is there something about the Lite-On burner that is creating incompatible disks as far as the DVD player is concerned?

I've tried other DVD-RW's and the result is 100% reproducible.    Imgburn is set to default in the settings on

both PC's.


EDIT - if DVD+RW's are burned in the Lite-On, they play normally in the standalone.

Is this burner not compatible with DVD-RW ?


EDIT2 I just looked at the front on the burner, right on the tray it says "DVD+ ReWritable"

This burner must be from 2003.  I wonder how much it cost when it was new?

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