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XPSp3 - How to handle errors in DRIVER.CAB file?

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I want to replace the DRIVER.CAB file in my WIndows XPSp3 installation CD because a portion of the file is unreadable. I have another version with a DRIVER.CAB file that contains the missing files - and is readable.


Can that be done inside of ImgBurn? Alternatively, how can it be done using other tools? i think that would enable me to get a bootable and fully functional install CD/DVD.


I have a 100% ok DRIVER.CAB file, and I have an ISO file where the DRIVER.CAB file has several errors in a number of files.


I can open both folders, side by side with a program like 7zip and stare at the files listed, all that I can't do is to drag files from one side to the other. That's it, so close and yet so remote, just like wishing you were on the moon.


Am I overlooking something, is there a solution I just don't see?

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