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how to make mountable single ISO file?

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I am having difficulty with mounting image files I made for backup purposes of few of my music CDs.

My goal is basically to be able to mount a CD or a CD copy on a hard-drive to play music in the background without converting all that to mp3. I can easily mount a DVD ISO file with WinCDEmu-4.1.


But not CDs - I mean the files don't mount - because they are somehow not right.

The WinCDEmu-4.1 program says "unknown or corrupted image file" when I try to mount any of the .cue files.

The files I got are *.bin files with *.cue files - and I don't know what to do with those.


I thought about saving them in ISO format - since mounting an ISO file works.

But I tried setting this before saving the file and it says "ISO is not an appropriate container for the current disk" "the file will be created with a .bin instead"


Thank you upfront for all explanations.

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I don't think WinCDEmu supports audio tracks, you'll have to find an alternative.


Oh and as the program has already told you, ISO is not suitable for proper audio tracks (CDDA).

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Try VirtualClone Drive.  I use that and I believe it mounts BIN/CUE files of audio CD's.  Although I think you have to "tell" VirtualClone Drive to associate .CUE files manually.

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Ah, that was it.  CloneCD files was what it supported.  However, I believe ImgBurn creates them when it reads an audio CD image?  I believe that's what I've been using, some extra option you can set in ImgBurn in create .CCD files with an image read?

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