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Could I get a hand in troubleshooting consistant read errors?

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Hi there.  Longtime reader, first time posting.  Please forgive me if I neglect to share the correct information, let me know what I've missed, and I'll send it out as soon as I can.  That said...


I've been backing up my DVDs for many years.  I have almost exclusively used Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim, never the value lines (except when I was a newb).  I still have a couple of Taiyo Yuden spindles left.  I've rarely had a problem with them.


Since opening this latest bundle, I have been getting fairly consistant burn errors at around 97%.  I am now trying to ascertain whether this is caused by a bad batch of media, some type of file corruption/change in settings, drive failure or other.


The discs are TY GO2   8 x DVD -R.


The error I keep getting is an I/O Error


The error message said the SK Interpretation:  Medium Error, and ASC/ASCQ Interpretation:  Unrecovered Read Error.



This has been pretty consistant, regardless of what I have been trying to copy.



Attached is my logfile for the one I refer to above.


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Hard to tell really. If they all fail, try another spindle. If that does the same, it could be the drive. If they don't, it's probably the media.

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