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Wrong Hash 2

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Hi! At site i see this information:

CRC32: 1895061F
MD5: BAD2829663BD834856262E9AF30FB45B
SHA-1: 49CB5E216F7B17D3955043CD18B1AED0CA3464E5

If I downloading file from Mirror 7 - Provided by ImgBurn hash correct


But, if i downloading file from

Mirror 2 - Provided by BetaNews
Mirror 3 - Provided by Softpedia


Hash incorrect

CRC32: 1AF3CD36
MD5: 4BF2B8F4B46385BFDA4D65E423CFB868
SHA-1: 6A3D20796E1FCD4169D5D339AF6E491DCEA3367C

Aroused suspicion that the file modified date on the server

4 november 2016.


Maybe there were any unauthorized changes?

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