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Any chance of incorporating lightscribe into ImgBurn?

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I know that HP has given up on LightScribe and that the software hasn't really been updated since like 2014 (if not before that), but I wonder if it was possible to create an updated version of ImgBurn that would allow one to make use of LightScribe software to create their own templates?  I did have Nero 2015, but my CD got scratched to all hell.  Aside from buying the latest version of Nero (or Roxio), I was hoping to just see a decent option for burning images like HP used to allow or like Nero allowed me to create.


I've seen the "Free Lightscribe" burning software....and it's seriously limited.  Considering how expensive the "Pro" version is, I'd rather spend an extra $10 and get Nero...I know I'm whining, but it's the principle of it. :)


Anyhow, if anyone has any great cheap options, let me know.  And if anyone would like to take on the option of incorporating LightScribe burning software into ImgBurn, I'd be grateful. 

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Well, it's really beyond the scope of ImgBurn.  ImgBurn creates and burns images.  Creating "CD labels" is not really in its wheelhouse. 



Plus, as you say, Lightscribe is dead.  I used to use it all the time when I got my first LiteOn that incorporated it.  I stopped eventually because the labels, even when the options weres set to write at best quality in the driver, would fade away after about a year.  Plus, the label surface stinks to high heaven.  I don't know if it actually matters, but I would be slightly worried about scent molecules from the discs getting into the drive and affect the laser's ability to read/write.



Also, doesn't the Lightscribe driver no longer work with Windows 10?  I think that was another reason why I got rid of my external LiteOn USB burner that still supported Lightscribe.  If you do invest in either Nero's or Roxio's applications, you'd better find out ahead of time if they still support Lightscribe since the format is dead.  And finding discs may be hard, too.  Last time I found them a few years ago, Amazon.com was only selling them in packs of 10 each, where I used to get the cake stacks of 50 each.

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