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Are Verbatim BR disks worthless ?

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In reply to previous post by lordoftime4:

I have used Verbatim DL Blu ray disks for years until a few months ago when first coasters appeared. My LG burner was getting old so I had purchased a couple of new Blu ray drives, one from LG and one from Pioneer. No joy. None of Verbatim's disk from different vendors (and some rebranded) worked - they mostly stopped burning at the layer change in both drives. Even Verbatim BD-RE disks contained unreadable sectors at the layer boundary. I had somewhat better luck with TDK disks (two OK and three coasters).

Luckily, I have found some perfecty working disks, made by Matsushita (Panasonic ?) and sold by Digistor. After a long time of frustrations I had finally burned 6 disk in a row and troublefree readable with DVDisaster software.

Does Verbatim have problems with QC or they don't care anymore ?

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There do seem to be a good few people having issues with them.


You should be reporting this to Verbatim though. If enough people tell them about problems with their discs, maybe they'll do something about it.


It's a shame really because they were the go-to discs for anything DVD+R DL related. Theirs would work when all others would fail.

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