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Is it still possible to optimize a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burn by burning pre-generated meta-data like Thumbs.db files?

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I'm getting ready to burn a Blu-Ray disc with lots of video clips. I know that from Windows Vista onward the Windows OS generates thumbnail images for lots of different media files and stores these meta-data files in a single custom folder under the current Users folder path.


I was just curious if it was possible to burn this data onto the Blu-Ray disc itself in a universal recognizable format that most operating systems would understand.


I guess in the worst cast scenario, the thumbnail data gets generated when the media is first inserted and the operating system first reads/creates the meta-data. This is good enough I guess but burning the meta-data right on the Blu-Ray disc would be even faster.


Does anybody have any ideas about what I'm asking? All comments welcome.


Thanks for reading!

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