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Malware Loader

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The Malware Loader in your tool doesnt allow you to cancel. Clicking back just goes back. Clicking next accepts. Clicking cancel exits the setup. The options for the programs have no checkbox to accept teir terms or not. So clicking yes is the accept. There is no way to install ImgBurn current without infecting your computer.



I also notice you mention a lot why it's bad someone wants to make money off their work. That's true. But it does not mean their work is worth money. When you add methods like this you are just a terrible developer, nothing else. You made a poor decision regarding those that have supported you going on what? A decade? More? Maybe just put a price tag on your product and see how much it is really worth. Adjust prices based on interest. You'll make a lot more like other developers. Have a free trial, or even a basic version


I would love to pay and support a clean version, right now, as part of my job title, I must report this software and website to my state offices and subsequently federal investigation into the legal status of the installer. Currently we cannot find any means to bypass the malware which is violation of WA state statutes, and federal.

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Yes it does allow you, and no imgburn doesn't have a malware loader. The opencandy dll does the loading of the offers, NOT imgburn or the installer.


The opt-out LOOKS disabled (greyed out), but still selectable. Then there's the /nocandy switch and the option to temp disable you're internet connection. All of the above will prevent the DLL from loading the offers.


So no, imgburn doesn't violate any statutes. Federal or otherwise, do the research.


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