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Not able to play a newly created disc on any dvd player but plays fine on my pc.

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Is this normal for the program?  I'm using 8X Verbatim DVD+R Double layer 8.5 gb which are the recommended discs.   I have tried three different dvd players and get read errors.


Thanks for any suggestions or experiences doing this.

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If ImgBurn completed without errors and you're getting read errors on DVD players, you probably used a cheap DVD+R DL.  Since you said Verbatim, you might have used a Life Series bought in a brick and mortar store.  Those will be cheap CMC discs.  Unless you got the DataLifePlus series, which you can generally only find online, they probably won't be the good MKM we recommend.



Post the log of a burn.  Access the log under Help and copy and paste a relevant log.  We'll know a little bit more from that.  If you can't get a log for one of these burns, insert one of these discs that isn't playing correctly into a PC drive, open ImgBurn in Write mode, and look for an MID field in the pane of information on the right hand side.  Does the MID string say MKM or CMC?  Or what does it say?



PC drives are generally more forgiving than a stand alone DVD player.  That's probably why it works on a PC drive but not a stand alone DVD player.



Plus, when you say you get read errors, what do you mean by that?  Any specific error messages?  Will the discs load in a stand alone DVD player and just play back with choppiness/skips/pauses/pops in the audio?



It could be your burner not liking that kind of disc and is not burning them well, even though it completed without errors.  If that's case, you'll need to either get different discs, which only the MKM Verbatim DVD+R DL are any good, switching isn't really an option, or get a different burner.

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