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@ Dbminter, what is the model of you're Asus burner ?

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Hi Dbminter,


What is the model or series of you're Asus burner ?


It would be awesome, to have a burner that passes every single media read and write test.


Maybe I can still find one, here or there.





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Hate to burst your bubble, but ASUS no longer manufacturers my USB BD drive.  And do NOT get their latest internal burner, the BW-16D1HT!  I tried two of them and both had the same fatal flaw, so it's a design problem with the drive: they destroy rewritable media!  :rolleyes:  Ritek 8x DVD+RW and Verbatim BD-RE DL are all borked and unusable after the ASUS writes to them.



However, IF you can find one, it's the BW-12D1S-U.  Now, ASUS DOES make this:





The BW-16D1X-U listed above MAY be the internal ASUS junk model I had in an external enclosure.  The two drives have relatively similar drive strings in their names, so I have a feeling this USB drive is just their junk internal BD burner in a USB enclosure.



However, I haven't tried BD-R DL in my ASUS, only BD-RE DL.  You seem to want my drive for your BD-R DL issue I replied to in another thread.  So, I can't say if that particular ASUS will work for your need or not.  Sorry.

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