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Write ImgBurn custom .CUE files to image files

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The way creating custom .CUE files is now in ImgBurn is a little limited.  You HAVE to write these .CUE files to CD's.  You cannot write to image files or to any other disc format besides CD-R/RW.  So, if you wanted to create an image file of an Audio CD created by an ImgBurn .CUE, you have to burn to CD and only CD (Doesn't work to other faster disc types.) and then read the CD to an image file.

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CUE files are only ever meant for CDs. You can't burn that sort of stuff to anything other than CD.


Sure, you can't output to an image file (which would just be a BIN/CUE combo), but you could technically get around that with a virtual burner. There are a few programs offering those, including DAEMON Tools and Virtual CD.

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Ah, was not aware of virtual burners actually existing.  :)



Those two options are paid software, but there is a freeware called TotalMounter.  I think I'll try testing that out.






Interesting.  Says TotalMounter is free, yet, on its download page, quite clearly calls it a trial!  :rolleyes:  All over its website it says free yet its download page says trial.  So, which is it, you idiots?!  :angry:  Or is it sort of like VSO's Downloader.  Page says it's free to use and then cripples itself after a week unless you pay for it.  :greedy:

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Utter, total, absolute, complete failure with TotalMounter!  :angry:  Useless.



W 11:17:23 Write Speed Miscompare! - MODE SENSE: 4,234 KB/s (24x), GET PERFORMANCE: 5,540 KB/s (31.4x)
I 11:17:24 Write Speed Successfully Set! - Effective: 4,234 KB/s (24x)
I 11:17:24 Filling Buffer... (40 MiB)
I 11:17:24 Writing LeadIn...
W 11:17:24 Failed to Write Sectors -150 - -124 - Reason: Logical Block Address out of Range
W 11:17:24 Retrying (1 of 20)...

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