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The death of 8x DVD+RW

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It seems that the gradual death of optical media has begun to increase in rate of speed.  Seems that 8x DVD+RW media can't be found online anymore.  Google returned no stores selling 8x DVD+RW and Amazon.com had 1 seller offering only 3 25 disc cake stacks of Ritek 8x DVD+RW.  Ritek already discontinued their 6x DVD-RW years ago.  And they were only ever compatible in my tests with LiteOn drives.  All other drives supported them, but always failed Verifies or simply never begun writing to the media.



4x DVD+RW is still available as of now.  In fact, DataLifePlus, the higher quality, is still found on Amazon.com and on Verbatim's web store.

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I can't either.  It'll happen, though, unfortunately.  :bye2:    I guess I'll have to switch to flash drives and USB HDD's for external storage when that time comes.



I bought the last 3 cake stacks of 8x DVD+RW available on the Internet.  So, I've got some to last for as long as they'll last.

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