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Running ImgBurn by just unzipping it.

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Hello, I just joined. I joined to ask a question, but in the meanwhile, I found a solution. But now that I have joined, I might as well ask the question I was going to ask.


I had a previously downloaded setup for, and when I scanned it, my AV showed that there was a virus (not-a-virus) in Fusion.dll. I then extracted the ImgBurn installer using 7zip and scanned the folder, and allowed my AV to remove Fusion.dll. When I clicked on the ImgBurn icon (in the folder), it immediately started the program, without any installation. Is it safe to run the program this way - by safe, I mean not whether there's a threat from the virus, but whether the program will work properly without being installed? This is the question I registered on the forum for.


As I said, in the meanwhile, I found a solution: I downloaded ImgBurn, same version, from the ImgBurn site again, and there's no virus in the installer now.To be sure, I linked the setup file to Virus Total, and three AVs flagged a virus:




The major AVs like Kaspersky and Bitdefender didn't flag it, so it's probably fine, but just though I'd ask.



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It should be fine.*


*When upgrading from an earlier version, the installer does reset certain settings if they'll cause an issue with that release.


ImgBurn has only ever been a single exe, so there are no other files to worry about - if you ignore the previewer tool and the sound files.

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