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add IFO mode?

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Hi, i was wondering whether you might be willing to add IFO mode ripping so that we can backup individual tv episodes and extras from our dvds. I think i read somewhere that you didn't add this from dvd decrypter because of drm removal. Since then however anydvd/dvdfab passkey have been released which can remove the drm so you could add support for unprotected dvd's and you wouldn't be violating any drm/copyright laws. Would be nice to have not to have dvd decrypter too.


Dvd decrypter gives me a lot of error messages when i close it on windows 10 so an ifo mode in imgburn would be nice.

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It would be nice to see that feature again, but it's probably beyond the extent of ImgBurn.  If we just go by its name, technically, the application should only burn images.  The fact that it can create images it can burn is even a little bit beyond its initial function.  Don't get me wrong; I'm glad ImgBurn can create images!  :D  But anything beyond burning images is really just gravy.



I could something with an IFO feature, myself.  For processing DVD's I make with my stand alone DVD recorder, converting my old camcorder tapes to DVD's.

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