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Error during "Write Image File to Disc"

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Hello there!


Got the following error while performing "Write Image File to Disc"
Failed to Write Sectors 680832 - 680863 - Reason: Write Error
Please find attached the log file. 
I tried to write a ISO file to DVD disc. Though the write operation failed, all the vlc media files written to the DVD disc.
Error occurs while loading the vlc file from the DVD disc. Bad file descriptor.
Its a Dell Laptop running on Windows 10 Pro 32bit. 
Please let me know if further details required.


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Try the other speeds your drive claims to support burning those discs at.


If it still fails to produce a decent burn, try some different (MID) discs.

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Thanks for your reply.


Retried by reducing write speed to 2.4x. Still the following error is thrown


 I/O Error

ASC/ASCQ Interpretation: Write Error.


Please find attached screenshot and log file.




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Yeah, the DID of MBIPG101-R05-01 seems to indicate these are made by Moser Baer.  I know little about them, but a Google of this info seems to indicate they're an Indian based company.  Since I've rarely heard of them before, they're probably not quality discs.  Try Verbatim MKM/MCC media.  Do NOT get the Life Series media, which you'll find in brick and mortar stores and sometimes online.  You'll want the DataLifePlus variety, which you can only find online.  Like where I get my Verbatim DataLifePlus media from: Amazon.com.

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