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Verify has become painfully slow

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I use ImgBurn with an LG BH10LS38 (1.03 fw) to write (at 4x speed usually) files and folders to bd-r (Verbatim Datalife Plus)

In the last few days verify has become much slower topping at only 4x speed .

I don't think it matters but files are stored on an external usb 3.0 enclosure (WD Purple) while back then they were on internal sata drive (WD Red)

I've attached one of the latest log files and some captures  (the most relevant ones I hope) of the program settings


Any idea











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Your log file shows the verify speed has been set to 4x.


Go into verify mode and correct it.

Problem solved btw still don't remember changing that setting

Thank you :worthy::bye3: 

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You know?  The weird thing is, it happens.  Settings get changed that we didn't change.  There's really no rhyme or reason behind it.  Except the general culprit is Windows changed it for you without your desire to change it.

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