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Question on Disc ID

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Go to ImgBurm / Tools / Automatic Write speed. At the bottom of the page it has Settings / Disc ID. I don't know what to type in. Is it looking for region, Disc mfg etc? I'm in the USA, and I think that's region 1. The reason I'm trying to set this up is because, while burning a movie it shows MAX speed and it generally burns at 15+mb. I'd like to get it down to 8 or 10. Under Disc ID it has the speed. I've been installing 8 but it runs MAX. Any help would be appreciated.



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I would think the Disc ID should have nothing to do with the speed at which a burn writes.  That's determined by the write strategy on the disc and the write strategy present in the firmware of your burner.  Disc ID should just be a string looking for the manufacturer ID present on the writable disc.  I'm currently writing a near full 25 GB 2x BD-RE, so my ImgBurn will be in use for more than 45 minutes.  Thus, I can't go into the settings and take a look for you right now.



Region 1 is the region for North American DVD's, yes.  Blu-Ray uses letters, I think, for Regions now.



The only settings I know about that would control how fast a burn goes are on the Write page when you burn a disc.  Where you can set MAX or a lower allowed rate allowed by the media and the drive.  As for an exact amount of MB to write at, I don't know how to do that.  And, even if you change the write speed, sometimes the drive will just overwrite the user setting.

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Ah, now I think I see what this does.  You enter in the Disc ID of a kind of media and you can tell ImgBurn to always use that write speed whenever ImgBurn detects that type of disc has been inserted.  So, what I'd think you'd want to do is insert the type of blank media, and, in Write mode, check for the Disc/Manufacturer ID in the right pane of information and copy and paste that DID into the Disc ID field.  Then select the highest write speed you want to be enabled for this media.

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