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Can somebody help me with ImgBurn?

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Car PCs out for a test drive only


Automobile PCs out for a test drive just


"Dave, you've got email.


"Alright, I will turn down the radio. You also will need to take another left, Dave."


Oh, also you are able to start the movie for the kids in the back seat"


There are a number of speeding citations issued within this area lately"


Sound like something from Stanley Kubrick's 2001? In fact, it's probably similar to something from 2003 or 2005.

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Analysts say it's too soon to tell which of these technologies will predominate and how much market share every will garner.


Makers of microprocessors, mass-storage devices, flat-panel displays, along with other components and subsystems are watching the automotive-PC marketplace, however little information is available on which system configurations will be used.


"It's difficult to say exactly what configuration automobile PC or other navigation systems may have in a couple of years," said Xavier Pucel, an analyst at Dataquest Inc., San Jose. "There appears to be good potential for these systems, nevertheless."


A minimum of 8 Mbytes of DRAM will be necessary regardless of that processor and operating system is used, Pucel noted. Mapping software may require systems with 8 to 12 Mbytes, and voice recognition might require another four Mbytes, '' he said.


Frequent crashes resulting from digital glitches can not be tolerated, so integrating these technologies into a demanding stage such as an auto is a tough row to hoe.


So far, a variety of partnerships are shaped and demonstration vehicles are shown. A number of these are packed to showcase the complete vision of the automotive PC and the different possibilities. A minivan, as an instance, might decoration navigation and rear-seat amusement, even though a fleet automobile may eschew the amusement for beefed-up communication and navigation support.


These possibilities are currently being refined and developed to specific product implementations.


Following a six-month delay because of hardware and software difficulties, Clarion Co. Ltd., Tokyo, is back on course to become the first to offer an automobile PC product to the industrial marketplace by year's end.


Clarion's AutoPC will cost $1,299 and will be sold via the company's community of high-end automobile-stereo installers, said Stephan Roth, research and strategy advertising director at Clarion Corp. of America, Gardena, Calif..


Clarion's AutoPC looks like a fancy radio and also fits into a standard dashboard slot. The base stage features an Intel Corp. processor and version 1.0 of the Microsoft automobile PC operating system, which is an improved version of Windows CE.


Also built in are interfaces for optional devices and services, such as a CD changer; security system; GPS kit; wireless recipient; service supplier for visitors alerts, paging, voice, and email; cell-phone docking station; map database; roadside-assistance service; and automobile diagnostics.


The Personal Productivity Vehicle uses a Saab 9-5 system and a Windows CE operating system, also has functions similar to Clarion's AutoPC. 1 difference the partner companies are showcasing is a plastic sheeting system, developed by Delphi's Packard Electric Systems Division, which is capable of 110-Mbit/s transmission.


The Network Vehicle has an advanced horizontal antenna embedded in the roof to get transmissions from Hughes DirecTV and DirecPC satellites. Movies, travel information, and stock quotes could be obtained in this fashion, together with the upcoming capability as well for GPS and emergency-services integration.


Information inside the automobile is distributed within a wireless network using data-streaming capabilities offered by IBM's Java technology. Voice-recognition and text-to-speech technology allow the recovery and reading of email or other information, such as the location of restaurants. The system also has a heads-up display for presenting navigation information about the windshield.


IBM, Ericsson, Intel, Nokia, RadioLAN, and Toshiba are a part of a consortium named Bluetooth, which aims to develop the standards and technologies to enable a short-distance wireless system to offer connectivity between mobile devices such as computers, PDAs, and mobile phones.


Inside a car, that means if a mobile phone rings in the trunk, it gets sent to the automobile PC so that in-car microphones and speakers may be used on the telephone. Please Click here to read more Best car speakers in the world  


Visteon Automotive Systems, Dearborn, Mich., a current spin-off in Ford Motor Co., has developed the technology system referred to as ICES, that is based on an Intel processor and Windows CE operating system. Parts of this technology is going to show up at Jaguar showrooms in April of following year, even once the brand new S-type Jaguar will go on sale with incorporated voice-activation technologies from Visteon. With the flip of a switch on the steering wheel, the driver activates the voice option and may use it to command a mobile phone, climate controls, along with the radio.


Obtaining voice recognition to work within an automotive environment is a struggle that Visteon engineers are working for ten years. The tech must have high precision, be speaker-independent, and respond to natural language commands-all at a high-noise atmosphere.


"We are spending a great deal of time developing human/machine port," said Jim Mazuek, Visteon's economy and business planning manager. We would like the port to be intuitive and easy to use."


Like others, Visteon is working with major automakers and aftermarket providers to ascertain which features are packed together for specific demographic groups. But standard functions will probably include voice recognition, text-to-speech features, multimedia management (radio, information( and climate), navigation, and wireless-communication connectivity, Mazuek said.


Intel is also working hard behind the scenes to foster the automobile PC platform. Not only is the business developing processors, chipsets, and center building blocks tailored to the automotive environment, but these must be packed with newer technologies, such as ball-grid arrays, that offer greater reliability and lower cost.


Intel is developing a reference design which includes power supplies, packaging, and interfaces for numerous peripheral options, as well as technical support, said Patrick Johnson, manager for in-car calculating in Intel, Chandler, Ariz..


Rear-seat amusement is also expected to develop into a significant option, either as an independent system or as part of the overall automobile PC.


The automobile PC's rollout will probably be different from most product introductions, said Perry Lee, automobile PC-platform product manager at Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Wash. "Ordinarily, a new product is introduced at the automotive aftermarket to get a couple of years before it's offered as a factory-installed option," he said. "But significant car dealers will start installing these systems as options alongside the third-party providers this time around. By next spring, you will start to see a great deal of next-generation prototypes and product rollouts."


Even though the browser wars were barbarous, the struggle for its electronic-information infrastructure in vehicles can become much more intense.

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Some view the automobile as an oasis where they can not-and do not want-to be attained.


Questions also remain concerning the robustness of such systems. Though they are independent from mission-critical automotive-control systems, if tempers flare because of a balky PC, more than 1 crash can result.


-Chris Chinnock is an independent writer based in Norwalk, Conn..

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There's no image.  The link just opens the main imageshack page.



Post the log.  That's what we need.  Under Help, choose ImgBurn Logs, open the log, find where there error is, and post the entire log of that burn that failed.

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