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ImgBurn reading recordable discs to images

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I have a question about how ImgBurn, or I guess reading in general, is done with recordable discs that have images written to them.



Hypothetical: say you have a recordable disc, CD, DVD, BD, I don't think it matters.  And you've written an image that takes up half of the available space on the media.  The other remaining half is unburned dye/media.  Let's say a deep scratch occurs in the unburned area that does not go into the recorded area.  When ImgBurn/anything goes to read the disc to an image file, would this scratch prevent ImgBurn from reading the disc? 



Does ImgBurn only "scan" the burned area to determine what is burned on the disc and thus what to read?




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It would only read what the drive reports has been 'used'.


Of course, when talking about this stuff, you have to ignore double/triple etc. layer discs.


Unused space on those could be in line with used space on other layers - whereby scratches will render the disc unreadable.

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You're right.  I didn't take into account multiple layer discs.  I was thinking entirely of CD-R/W, DVD-+R/W, and BD-R/E SL.

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