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Will Not Burn?

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Can someone please assist me with this issue. I really need to burn some things

prior to Christmas.

I have an image that I am trying to copy to a new Sony DVD-R 4.7 GB and I have tried 2.4x, 2x and 4x

with no success.

I have attached two screenshots (one document, you have to scroll down).

In the second it says INVALID FIELD IN CBD.

I tried another new disc and the same error.

I appreciate your help. I am new to IMGBURN.


img burn problem.doc

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Use the current version of the program please.


Also, just copy and paste the text from the Log window. The screenshots make things harder as they don't always provide the required info - and take longer!

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My experience has been that Sony quality is pretty low.  It used to be pretty high.  Then, they switched to 2nd tier Ritek.  Now they're back to their own brand, it seems, but, IMO, Sony has made little but junk since 2002.



The screenshots don't do much to help.  We'll need the log of the failed burn.  Under Help, choose ImgBurn logs.  Find the failed burn entry in the .log file and copy and paste everything related to that burn.



In general, my experience with Invalid field in CBD errors is caused by a drive and media incompatibility.  Either your drive doesn't like that Sony brand of DVD-R or the DVD-R may be a cheap disc.  LUK can probably tell you more from the log.  Just in a general evaluation, I'd say try Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R and see what results you get.  NOT Life Series.  Life Series is Verbatm's junk media.  You can generally only find DataLifePlus media online.  However, it is the best quality media out there.



Oh, LUK replied while I was typing.  :)

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