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Read speeds on rewritable media

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Are read speeds for rewritable media slower than for WORM media?



I ask because, though I never noticed this on DVD rewritable media, with BD-RE SL and DL, reads/verifies appear to be slower when reading in rewritable BD versus BD-R SL that I've begun to notice.



As I said, it doesn't seem to be this way with DVD rewritable media, but maybe I just never noticed it before.



Would rewritable media be slower at reading?  I know, obviously, it will be slower at writing, but I'd think the read speed should be the same regardless of whether the media is rewritable or not.  But, maybe, I'm wrong?  :unsure:



Or is it, maybe, it's just slower on BD-RE SL/DL for reads versus reading from BD-R SL?



I am taking into account the layer differences because this seemed to be the case even on BD-RE SL.  That reading contents from a BD-RE SL in ImgBurn was slower than reading in a BD-R SL.




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