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USB 3.0 drive listed as USB 2.0

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I'm trying to remember.  I think this is normal ImgBurn behavior, but I'm not sure.  I believe I had it happen before on my other USB 3.0 BD burner.



ImgBurn is detecting this SATA Pioneer 2209 I've put in an external enclosure as a USB 2.0 drive in the log window.  It should be USB 3.0 because the cable has the blue connector inside it and the shape of the cable plugging into the drive end isn't the old USB shape, which leads me to believe it's USB 3.0.  And it should be since the enclosure was advertised as USB 3.0.



However, as I said, I believe my other ASUS USB 3.0 BD burner was also detected as USB 2.0 in ImgBurn.  So, this is normal, right?  :unsure: 




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Not 'normal', no.


But things did change a bit between OS and so I added extra code to query the current USB speed via an update method in the beta version... which I may or may not have released on the site - can't remember!

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You released it.  It's just, as I said in that other thread, I wasn't aware it was there.  :blush:

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