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Pioneer BD Drive Utility settings and ImgBurn Read function

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In the Pioneer BD Drive Utility for my BD209M drive, there's a PureRead section in the options.  There's a tick box to enable or disable it and a sub setting for Perfect and Master Modes.  Does anyone know what these settings do?  :unsure:



I was wondering if these settings might change the performance of ImgBurn's Read mode on this drive if I enable PureRead and select one of the Modes for it.



Also, there's something called Advanced Quiet Drive Feature.  There's an option to turn it on and off and sub options of Persistent Quiet Mode, Quiet Mode, and Performance Mode.  I had this setting turned on with Performance Mode enabled, but I disabled the feature entirely, thinking my Read speeds in ImgBurn would increase.  Was I right to do that?  Would that affect my Read performance in ImgBurn?




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I'm sure pureread must be covered on Pioneer's website somewhere.


The quiet drive stuff just controls the speed at which the drive spins on (video) discs I believe. Obviously the faster it spins, the faster it should be able to read data.


ImgBurn (at least the beta version) has its own internal support for adjusting this stuff and turns it off when reading the disc anyway.

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Well, I admit I Googled those options, but Pioneer's web site is such broken English I wasn't able to determine what it exactly did.  So, I searched some other results just now.  Finally found one that was good at explaining PureRead about 3 or 4 pages in.  Seem PureRead is a function of audio CD's only.  When enabled, if a rip of an audio cannot be performed normally, extra reading is done on the bad sectors/scratches and apporiximation data is added to the resulting MP3 so ripping doesn't fail.



The quiet stuff is as I had thought just as you thought.  It spins the drive slower so it doesn't make as much noise.  This, of course, results in slower reads.  And, I guess disabling it would put more wear and tear on a drive so it would wear out sooner.  However, I'd rather have a faster read than a quiet one.  :D



As for a beta, there is a but I was never aware it was there!  It's been there since 8/17/2016, but never announced on the forum for the beta users.  I stopped checking the folder for beta releases, just waiting for new posts in the Beta forum.  Guess now I should check the folder from now on.  :wink:

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