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How to set burn speed

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In the Write window, in the lower right hand side, there's a Settings section.  There, there's a drop down dialogue labeled Write Speed.  This will set the Maximum write speed, so set your desired speed to the highest you want to go.  Unfortunately, the actual write speed you get is down to the drive and the media's write speed descriptor.  So, you may not get that maximum speed you set.



Now, if you wanted to set a speed that is less than the maximum, I don't think there's a way to set a user defined speed.  Just the maximum write rate.  So, the closest you can get is to change the maximum to the speed you want, or an approximation close to it.

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Now, you can always set AWS settings, which LUK just pointed out to me for the first time :D, to set maximum write speeds you define for given Manufacturer ID/Disc ID for specific media types.  If Write Speed is set to AWS and you've defined X speed for that particular MID/DID in the AWS settings, ImgBurn will automatically set your user predefined maximum write speed for that media.



Remember, the write speed you get may not reflect the maximum write speed you define.  You may get a lower write speed based on your drive and the write descriptor for the speed on the media.

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The OPs only other post on this forum was actually about the AWS feature.


Not sure how you’d got from that to not knowing where to set the write speed.

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