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Copy .bin files to an SD card?

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I'm in the process of adding CD text to all the CDs I own, which is about 300; only 5 or 6 come with it natively. I'm now wondering if there's anything else I can use the .bin files for - is there a way to put them onto an SD card, for example, or play them through a streamer? The CD ripping software on my PC is slow and I'd rather not have to rip all 300 again. Is there a way?

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There's nothing that prevents you from copying the .BIN files to an SD card.  You'll need the .CUE and any other files ImgBurn generated.  However, those files will only be useful for loading into ImgBurn and burning or mounting as virtual drives for playback in a CD software player.  As far as I know, nothing natively supports playing .BIN files as audio CD's.

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