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Site not secure for creating users and passwords

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I am uncomfortable creating a user account for this forum because there is no SSL protection.  Anyone can get tp my sign-in data and say anything awful they want, and I would have to take responsibility for that.  It already seems some people have already taken that liberty because of some raw language present.  I am watching this topic, and if the current situation is not corrected, I will have to remove my account and use the forum anonymously when necessary.  Please let me know what you think!





PS: I LOVE imgburn!  It gives me all the functionality I need in an easy format, and nobody beats your price!

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Some hostings simply do not support SSL, or do not support SSL for free hosting service (Like Endora.cz). I believe that ImgBurn's hosting does support SSL, but for some reason webmaster decided to not include SSL support for the websites. May be the SSL certificate expense? You can't know anything about how the hosting cares for SSL support. You can't know if this is built-in feature in the hosting itself, or is a service separately paid for. I think that there is no need for SSL encryption for forums as no serious data breach could be classified here. However, platforms operating with money should have SSL encryption enabled AND FORCED. Here? What could a hacker possibly do with your account? Alter some informations, post topics, comments, or delete your account straightforward. Be glad your Internet Banking account is safe, that's the real deal.

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