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Why is there a CDT file when CD Text is implicit/explicit in the CUE file?

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What is the purpose of the CDT file in addition to the CUE and BIN files? That seems redundant. When I alter CD Text, I do it by editing the CUE file in a text editor. That doesn't change the CDT file and to avoid errors I have to delete the CDT file and erase the top line in the CUE file referring to a CDT file (which is there when the ripped CD already had some CD Text). So, why have a CDT file when the CD Text is already implicit/explicit in the CUE file? Am I missing something?

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The CDT is a raw dump of the CD-TEXT, as taken from the original disc.


If you're trying to make a 'copy', normally you'd want it as close to the original as possible... and using the CDT file is the best way of doing that.


If you want to edit the cue and have the program use that updated info, you're doing the right thing by removing the CDT and references to it from within the CUE.

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