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Burning images to a DVD

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I have quite a few image 'stills' (jpgs) that I would like to burn to a blank DVD (the person who the disk is for only has a TV DVD player and not a CD player).


What is the best way of doing that, please, in IMGBURN? If possible, the images should appear on his TV screen in a slideshow.


Many thanks

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Don’t confuse disc images with picture images.


When you see images mentioned alongside a burning tool, it’s probably talking about disc images.


There’s no special way of burning picture images with ImgBurn. All you can do is write a data disc in build mode and add all of your picture files to the disc.


After that, it’s down to your playback device. Most half decent ones will play them in a slideshow format. That’s something you’d have to try out for yourself.


There may also be software out there that will take a folder full of pictures and convert it to DVD Video format. The output (video_ts folder) from that software can then be burnt to disc using ImgBurn.

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Freemake Video Converter, I think, can do the same thing.  And it's "free."  Better features, of course, cost.



Also, I'd think any DVD player should play CD's, too.  As long as the device supports displaying JPG and loading them from CD, it would work with CD's.

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